Nous sommes une agence de production creative de haute gamme, spécialisée dans la communication visuelle. Nous livrons des projets à travers le print,  le digital ainsi que des plateformes l'interactif . Qu'il s'agisse d'animations 3D / live-action, CGI, la photographie, ou meme les effets spéciaux, nos studios à Copenhague, Malmö, Saigon, et Singapour peuvent vous aider à visualiser votre communication.

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An exhibition on Muslims in Varanasi, India by Photographer Lasse Bak Mejlvang, May 1th to June 3th, at the Schiller House, Nannasgade 28
Varanasi is best known as India's holiest city. Million city in northeastern India attracts every year a huge number of tourists all come to experience and practice the Hindu rituals. In other words, Varanasi is both living and economically Hindu stronghold. The Muslims have built their own small communities where they live and work within their own rituals and religion.
Presented by Gavel&Grand and VS. Magazine
The “Better” exhibition and auction is made by Vs. Magazine in collaboration with Helena Christensen. The auction features signed artworks from internationally acclaimed photographers, actresses and models. All proceeds will directly benefit the charitable organizations Every Mother Counts, David Lynch Foundation and Chernobyl Children International. See more by Gavel&Grand.
Are very pleased to invite you to the Gallery operning at the Schiller House
The opening will take place Wednesday at March 26th in the Schiller House, Nannasgade 28, 2200 Copenhagen. The exhibition wil be avaible in the Schiller house for a month until May 1th. See more details about Stenberg Fine Art Photography here.
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